Bringing together our worldwide experience


The NMP consortium brings together world-class management and state-of-the-art technology to complement the huge strengths of the Sellafield workforce, as it deals with the largest nuclear clean-up project in Europe, with no fewer than 170 major facilities to decommission, including four high hazard facilities and four reactors.

Working closely with Sellafield Ltd. under the close scrutiny of the UK's Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, NMP produced the first underpinned lifetime plan for Sellafield detailing a forward programme of operations, construction projects and decommissioning. There has been progress in dealing with the complex task of decommissioning, but there is further to go. NMP is committed to delivering value for the UK tax payer at the same time as delivering on safety.

Delivering Excellence through our people

We are delivering excellence at Sellafield Ltd through People, Partnership and Performance. Our priority is to safely manage the most complex nuclear site in the world which demands a unique combination of skills. We are delivering this work in partnership with Sellafield Ltd, the supply chain and stakeholders. We know there is much to do but we are seeing real progress.

Committed to our communities

Socio-economic commitment is not just about donating money. It is about making a difference. NMP is committed to making a difference in West Cumbria, just as our individual parent companies have made a difference to communities around the world.

The opportunities for the West Cumbria economy are potentially transformational with up to £22.5m promised by NMP over the first five years of the contract.